Men’s Luxury Lifestyles

Mens luxuryIt is easy to imagine the life of luxury for a woman. Shopping, spas, resorts, trips, jewelry, the list can go on and on right? Well what about these pampered women’s counter parts. Aren’t they living the life of luxury also? We are going to explore what all that might contain.

Men are typically the ones in the corner office working away, making those deals, doing that corporate thing that earns him the luxury life. This day in age though, everything is right at the tips of his fingertips. So although men are not walking around a lot doing their shopping face to face with shop owners does not mean they do not like shopping. Typical shopping items for men of this high standard we are speaking of would consist of things such as watches, electronics, gadgets and gizmos that make life slightly easier.

When it comes to clothing it is always best done in person if these men want to look their very best at all times. Many well-known men’s stores will actually offer the service of a personal shopper who will keep records or measurements and the like to make the shopping experience quick and easy for the client shopping. Make an appointment, show up, try on the cloths he requested which have already been pulled off the rack in the appropriate sizes and colors. What he likes he buys. If it needs alterations, there is someone in house to do that too. Women on the other hand like the social aspect of shopping and putting together their own outfits by hand.

Modes of transportation is another thing men in the lap of luxury also do in person. Research might be done online, but when it comes to getting the item they are pining over at the moment, it must be inspected and tested first hand before the final decision is made.

Luxury men usually have at least two, if not more places of residency. The home they live at most of the time which is close to work, then the vacation home. While most of us have a favorite place to go on vacation, those luxurious people pay brackets above us have their own home near their favorite place to vacation. Possibly their favorite places (plural) to vacation.

Imagine our man of luxury has a second home for vacationing near water. Perhaps a lake, or the ocean. No one lives near him, there is plenty of land to play on with his other fortunate luxurious friends. They might have four wheelers, or ski dos. Most likely both. A boat? Or course!! Why not!

Although men of luxury do not have as many outward signs in their day to day appearance that they are living the life (other than a nice suit, tie, shoes and car they drive to work every day), they do have ways of living the life. Men are just not what one thinks of right away when the word luxury is spoken. Do not fret though, there are men of luxury. Maybe one day you will be a man of luxury yourself!…

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How to Slightly Standout While at a Formal Event

Formal Mens AttireBeing on the guest list for a black tie event, or formal wear only is a big deal. It may be for business or pleasure. Either way, if you are looking to stand out from the crowd we have a few tips below to help you do so with the most class possible.

#1. Keep the shirt white. We understand the up and comers of the world want to add color in every direction they can; But there is just nothing that can top a crisp white suit shirt. Trust us on this one, you will never go wrong with this classic. Do not be discouraged though, we are going to give you plenty of opportunity to add your color in. Just keep the shirt classic white.

#2. Keep the color you do want to add in singular and dark. The powder blue tux is not making a comeback, nor should it. You want to almost blend in with everyone else, only standing out slightly to have the upper hand in the apparel category. We suggest colors such as dark marron, dark navy blue, or dark forest green. They are dark enough but will add a pop still. Do not add two colors. One is enough to make you the one who stands out in a pleasing way. Two added colors to the classic formal wear could make you appear as if you took whatever pieces the clothing store had left on your way to the event. This could discredit you more than actually helping you.


#3. Try different cuts of jackets or pants instead of the typical black tie tuxedo everyone expects. Maybe try a shawl lapel instead of the norm. Or perhaps slim cut pants instead of the wide tuxedo pants we are all use to. When playing around with different cuts of pieces it is ok to change up multiple things, but try them on together, do not just assume it will work. Always have a tailor adjust the pieces to fit you and your stature. There is nothing worse at a black tie event than a man in oversized (or undersized) clothing.


#4. Instead of a bow tie, try a thin neck tie. It is classy looking still like the bow tie, but changes up the visual of every man in the room having the same tie, which will make you stand out just a little. But keep it black. If you are changing the style of the tie it is risky to add color also.

#5. Add a bright color bow tie. Now, we know we said keep it dark, but the bow tie is the second to smallest part of your attire so if you really have a color that you want to put out there, do it here. Let’s say you choose a dark blue jacket with black pants, you could add a bright blue bow tie with it. Keep it in the same color family, don’t mix and match colors here. Blue is going to be your safest bet. Wearing a marron suit with a red tie might not bode well. Nor a Forest green jacket and a mint green tie. You should be the judge of this, if it is a special event supporting a cause and they have a theme color, it might just work out in your favor!

#6. Try a whole suit in another color. Again, keep it on the dark scale of colors. But a jacket and pants in the same color would look very sharp with a black tie and wing tip shoes.


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