How To Dress Down And Be “Stylish”

Dressing up comes normal for some men, but you will find that many men struggle with “down sizing” their apparel. Most men feel that it is better to over do it than look like they don’t belong. Men and their suits are most of the time the reason why they look over dressed, but maybe there is hope for your massive suit collection. Here are 5 ways to dress down using what you already have in your closet.

  1. Get rid of the tie

Even though ties sometimes add details to your look, a way to dress down is to retire the tie for a while. Try leaving a few buttons unbuttoned or go with clean look and button all the way to the top. dress-down-casual

  1. Leave the hard bottoms in closet

A fresh pair of white or black snickers are hot now. Not saying that throwing any pair of old converse sneakers on will look good, but putting a clean, classic, but stylish pair of sneakers with a neat suit will make you look cool and up to date. Doesn’t matter your age, this allows you to look laid-back ready any casual occasion.

  1. Use light color shirts, like grey or tan

White looks more formal in a suit, while darker colors often sends a different message than you want to portray. That leaves grey and a light tan as great options. These two light colors tones down your look, while allowing your look to be crisp. L here for options.

  1. Crew neck shirts and sweaters are still in

Many feel these work great with suit pants, adding a sporty twist. I must say that I agree with this option, making it the preferred look for any Friday night, first date!

  1. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

To sum it up, get out your feelings, and make some changes! Boldness to change around suit combinations and styles will not just save you money, but allow you to have a wide variety of options to choose from when selecting your Sunday brunch look.

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