Accessorizing Your Blazer

2015-New-Arrival-Jaqueta-font-b-Velvet-b-font-font-b-Blazers-b-font-Men-BlueIt’s fall again, which means it’s time to whip out the blazers. Blazers look great all year round, but fall is a particularly great time to wear a blazer because it is just the right temperature. Walking down the street in a stylish mens blazer is great, but it can be even greater with the right accessories. You want to be able to dress the blazer up for formal events, nights on the town, and tomcatting, but dress it down for casual nights at the bar, general stuntin’ (hanging out and looking good), and errands.

A big trend in dressing blazers down is clashing patterns. I like to layer a solid color blazer with a plaid shirt and plaid tie (two different plaids). You can also choose to have a matching shirt and tie with a more embellished blazer that clashes. It gives you a classic jacket-shirt-tie look without the formality and rigidity of wearing a fine mens suit.

For dressing up I would suggest the doing some color blocking. Get your blazer, tie and jacket in 3 different shades of the same color (or at least the shirt and tie) and wear them together. This produces a color gradient effect that emits formality but is still hip and fashionable.

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